Tabletop and tilting wet grinder for healthy homes

For homemade crispy dosas and yummy coconut chutneys, bring home the best wet-grinder available in the market from Bismi Home Appliance. If you are a dosa-lover, choose from among the most popular brands and models of wet grinders at the most affordable rates from Bismi. We are stocked with the latest models of single, 2-stone, and 3-stone wet grinders that are powerful and give out a smooth batter. You may opt for a tabletop or tilting grinder model depending upon your kitchen or utility area’s space availability and your convenience. We stock the most popular models and brands of wet grinders. Our experts can help you choose the right capacity and model for your family. Call us right away or walk-in to our store at the earliest to avail the best offers.


Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Mixed Grinder

With a variety of wet grinders available under the same roof, there are a few factors one should be keeping in mind before he/ she proceeds to buy the same. These include:

i. Power of Motor: Motor is the key element of a mixer grinder. Therefore, it is paramount that the motor has enough power to serve the purpose. For example, if you want your mixer grinder to carry out the functions of a juicer, then the motor you choose must be one that has more power. In this case, an ideal mixer (which can also be used as a juicer) shall be one with the power of 750 Watts.

ii. Number of Jars- The number of jars that are being offered is another factor to be looked at while purchasing a wet grinder. A mixer grinder that provides a minimum of three to four jars with different blades and capacities shall help you carry out wet grinding in one set and dry grinding in the other. In case your mixer grinder is a juicer, then it should come with a separate juicer.

iii. Speed Regulator- Another important thing to check before buying a mixer grinder is checking the speeds that it comes with. Juicing requires mixed grinders to work at a slow pace because the process of juicing involves churning healthy and tasty extracts properly. Ideally, a mixed grinder should have at least three speeds. Some new mixer grinder models, equipped with an electronic speed sensor give you the option to program the grinding at the same speed right from the start to the end.

iv. The Material of Jar- The majority of the consumers overlook the do not pay the necessary attention when it comes to this factor. For a healthy lifestyle, it is always recommended to go for jars made of stainless steel to ensure that the ground food ground remains healthy and free from any rusting. Special care should be taken to ensure that the material is less prone to damage and is durable and strong.

v. Safety- Safety first is a rule all of us are acquainted with. When it comes to mixed grinders, one needs to take special care to ensure that the jars are locked properly once and that they are rightly placed in the socket. Features like the power on or off indicator, electricity off or on resume protection, and non-sleep feet will ensure that the mixer grinder operates smoothly without any glitch and effort.

Let us now take a look at the types of wet-grinders available in our showroom.

Tabletop Wet Grinders

Tabletop Wet Grinders, as the name indicates can be set on a table-top, as is small in size. These grinders are suitable for small families in which food can be prepared with a small amount of wet batter. The main components of these grinders include:


  • 2 to 3 stones that are conical or cylindrical
  • Grinding drum made up of stone or stainless steel

Why Use Tabletop Wet Grinders?

Bismi Home Appliance has the largest range of home appliance models at the most affordable rates. To know if your preferred model is available at our store nearest to you

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Tilting Wet Grinders

Tilting wet grinders, as the name implies are those that can be tilted. With this kind of wet grinders, one can easily transfer the batter or the wet mixture, within a tilt (or even scrape off the batter in case there are remains). For ease of usage, it is always suggested that one goes for a grinder without a fixed drum.


Why Use Tilting Wet Grinders?

Bismi Home Appliance has the largest range of home appliance models at the most affordable rates. To know if your preferred model is available at our store nearest to you

Customer Care: +91 95 444 555 08 Enquire Now

Brands available

Best Exchange Options and Rates

At Bismi Home Appliances, you can exchange any home appliance in working condition against any other appliance you purchase with us. So, an old TV can be exchanged to purchase a new washing machine and an old air cooler can be exchanged against a brand-new refrigerator! If it is in working condition without physical damage, we ensure the best exchange rate and top-notch service.


Single-point Servicing

For all Wet Grinders purchased from our stores across Kerala, you can trust our customer support team. We are your single-point service support team. We reach out to the service providers on your behalf and follow it up until your support/service request is closed satisfactorily. Whether you have purchased the appliance with us or not, we can help resolve your home appliance issues for the brands we deal with. Our team is always looking out to servicing you better.


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